Automobile Invention

Added on 02-02-2006
Can you imagine your life or human civilization on the whole without automobile – very scarcely. And do you know what was the cradle of modern automobile and its roots?...

The whole automobile history began when wheel was invented. It relates approximately to 3500 B.C. to the region of Mesopotamia.

It’s natural that man always dreamed of moving quicker spending on it less energy. As a result there is a lot of fairy tales of the magic-carpet and seven-league boots. In that ancient times man knew only going on foot, sailing, riding a horse and scrappers-moving.

Remarkably the first wheels invented bear the features of modern ones: they were made of segments and in the form of grating for making the weight lighter that finally lead to spokes and center boss invention.

Historically the first transport mean was one-axle bullock cart with draught oxen. Then after they were removed for horses chariot appeared. It was of considerable diverse: for 2 and more seats, 2- and 4-wheel, open and with canopy, simply and luxury. Chariots were used for solemn equipages, competitions, harvest transportation and as mobile lodging. So one can see that chariots in their functionality were the same as modern vehicles. Their structure included freely spitted wheels on static axle. The wheel diameter was 1.5-2m. to make the chariots more fast-speed and passable. But the Roman Empire dissolution suspended all the further transport improvements for about 1000 years. The only thing that was made – front axle became turning.

In XV the carriage body was first suspended on the belts and was the birthday of the coach. Masters soon started to finish them with leather? Glass and even bed-seats though they were rather inconvenient.

Parallel to horse-carriage improvement in XV century first self-moving vehicle projects appeared. Leonardo da Vinci suggested a vehicle that was droved by the bypassing or sitting in it people. Then German artist A. Dourer designed the ever first full-drive vehicle. Another invention was made by Russian Leonty Shamshurenkov – it is “auto-running carriage” with distance counter. Ivan Kulibin (1735-1818) also made very important invention: 3-wheel pedal-cycle droved by one person. The traction from pedals was transmitted via control-rod to cog-wheel on the axle. The vehicle had free wheeling like modern bicycle but the speed on the cobblestone road was just 10 km/h. The advantage of this invention is its steering drive very like the modern of automobiles.

F. Dries from Germany found it easier to make a push-cycle. A driver sitting on the vehicle was to push the ground to move ahead. The max speed the driver could make move it was still just 15 km/h but the vehicle was very manoeuvrable.
But the most important inventions were made in the end of XIX century: ...
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