Volvo history milestones of 1960s.

Added on 05-16-2006

In January Volvo history was marked by introducing its absolutely new sports car, the P1800 to the Brussels Auto Show. Volvo published photography of the “newborn” the year before. This Volvo two-seat sports coupe had an entirely new engine, the B18B. During the first years this model was assembled in England, inasmuch as Volvo had not enough space at the overladen plant in Hisingen to manufacture one more model.

This Volvo’s model became very popular thanks to its role in the movie “Saint”, in which the main character Simon Templar (Roger Moore) drove this automobile. Another fact in Volvo history came this year as well: the PV544 and the Amazon models both were equipped with a new gearbox, the seats attained new design and the seat backs were modified to give rear passengers more space for their knees. The Volvia Insurance Company was established this year as well marking company evolution milestone. Volvo owners were able to take out an insurance certificate from this company after the PV models warranty expired. The Volvo Duett was improved by the addition of an embossed windscreen in one piece, 4-stages gearbox and new dashboard. The safety belts became standard equipment. At that time the name Duett went down in history and the model was named the P210. Annual car’s manufacturing reached 80,000 autos rank.


In May was the manufacturing of Volvo P1800 was initiated. Volvo PV544 and the Amazon both were featured with the powerful B18 engine with two carburetors, which gave the PV544 Sports an output of 90hp. This model was also equipped with 12-volt electrical system and asymmetrical indicators. By the autumn the new autumn colors – light-brown, lusterless green, red, and light grey appeared.

In October the Amazon 121 was produced and features another stage in Volvo history and models evolution as well. This was two-door automobile that was for sale within Sweden, Norway and Denmark territories only. Volvo’s the P1800 Saint model and Roger Moore drove 2 million miles.


Volvo Amazon model line was enlarged with a four-door estate addition. The rear part was modified and featured a horizontally folding door with an upper and a lower section. The Estate model was equipped with B18A engine and a 4-speed gearbox. The price was fixed at 14 475 SEK. In February the total number of Volvo Amazon arrived at 100,000.


There was not so much new this year in Volvo history. Volvo Amazon was attached with low-profile tires and the P1800 gained powerful engine developing 108 hp. By June the demand for local assembling and parts production grew up and Volvo established its first foreign car plant in Halifax, Canada – shining step in Volvo history. Cars were being delivered to Halifax in parts’ kits.

Thus, this enabled to assemble a couple of thousands cars annually more. The USA was the main export market for that time as before. ...
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