My friend's beloved Opel Vectra GTS 3.2



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My friend Jacob has an Opel Vectra GTS 3.2 since 2002. It's an average-size yellow 4-door sedan with the following characteristics: 3.2L V8 Ecotec engine, 4 valves; 211 hp; 221 torque. Its max speed is 248 kph; equipped with 5-speed gear box and effective electro-hydraulic steering system it's really easy to drive even on highest speeds.

Jacob usually drives it really fast, over 120 kph even in the city side. Many times he was stopped by the police and fined, but he doesn't care, considering speed of movement of his vehicle his private affair, which is not subjected to state control. Funny Jacob. He also seems to be really attached to this vehicle, saying he feels it's a part of him. Perhaps it's a new kind of neurosis, a car neurosis? Oh maybe this car is really that good?

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