My Lexus IS (2001)



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In my opinion this is very good auto… At first I want to warn you – I won’t use special technical terms and quality-quantity comparing. Well I have been driving already for 13 years and have used different car marques including Japanese and Americans… I like to change autos and try others. And Lexus models are the Best!!! Now I even don’t know what I could buy after my current model. It has superb dynamics and dirigibility in addition comfortable soft suspension. Its aerodynamics also at a high level – at top speed car can confidently turn without drifting and at the same time car doesn’t press itself to the road… It just flies under road! I like Lexus’ noise isolation too…

Design of this auto I can describe by words "Modern-Classic", light quite spacious passenger compartment, original and functional dashboard without useless fancifuls…

Additional plus of my Lexus is its reliability. Everything works in a proper way. I have heard that other owners doesn’t like its “small” trunk… this is all rubbish! For such class of compact auto it is the right one. Rear drive of this car can correct itself the track due to clever automatics. I never have been regretting purchased this car.

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