Toyota Carina-the most reliable ever car



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My car is Toyota Carina sedan and bought it in 1996. I live Czechia and Iím fed up with German cars. In addition in 1996 there was a rumour that the quality of the Germans decreased and the Japanese were up to the mark so I bought a Toyota Carina. Externally the car is not so attractive or eye-catching and I feared I mischose the car but after using 2-3 month I was bewitched with it! For now Iím driving it for 9 years and having as well a second more expensive car, Japanese too. Carina showed itself as the most reliable and modest in usage. The chassis is extremely strong and long-living that I had to swap shock-absorbers rather rarely. The 2.0 engine that with 16 valves and turbocharger produces 133 horse powers is also very reliable. I can count with my fingers when I have serious breakages. During 9 years all once I renewed the pistons and rings. All the rest things are from the plant package. Plus there proper care from my part and youíll obtain the secret of car longevity. But the main point is the quality of all Carinas Ė the are of highest quality and now I can hardly find a model of the same quality! Thatís why I coddle my Carina. So are there some Toyota Carina owners? Letís check our ideas on the most reliable and favorite cars!

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